Try The Simple Root!

At The Simple Root, we make eating your veggies exciting & easy by crafting simple yet gratifyingly good veggie packed plant-based foods!

The Simple Root is an exciting, delicious & innovative new Global Plant-Based Brand, made with VEGETABLES! We offer delicious, plant-based dips, cream cheese-style spreads, and artisan cheese style spreads.

We Can’t Wait For You To Try Our Food!

Please complete shipping information to receive your FREE sample of The Simple Root, plant-based cream cheese style spread, Garlic & Herb variety.

  • Our plant-based cream cheese style spreads have the creamy tastes and smooth spreadable texture you love!
  • Perfectly versatile for schmearing on bagels and crackers or use as an ingredient in hot and cold dishes, like indulgent plant-based cheesecake and frosting or savory casseroles
  • Rich in root and garden vegetables, accented with flavorful fruit, herbs and spices, then simply crafted into creamy plant-based Cream Cheese Style Spreads
  • Our Garlic & Herb variety accents the creamy dairy taste and smooth spreadable cream cheese texture with garlic, rosemary, thyme & herbs.

NOTE: Must be Redeemed by 8/15/22. Sample will be mailed to you in early-mid September 2022.

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