Simple Spinach Artichoke Turnovers

Simple Spinach Artichoke Turnovers

Recipe Serves


Recipe Prep Time

Prep Time:
10 minutes

Recipe Total Time

Total Time:
30 minutes

Recipe Equipment



1 can jumbo buttermilk biscuits 

1/2 cup Simple Root Spinach Artichoke Kale Dip

4  tbs plant-based mozzarella

1 cup vegetable oil


Step 1

Roll each biscuit into a 6-inch circle. Add 1 tablespoon spinach artichoke kale dip to the center of the dough and top each circle with 1/2 tablespoon mozzarella. 


Step 2

Fold the dough over the filling and use your fingers to pinch the edges of the dough. Use a fork to press the edges together and seal the dough. Repeat with remaining biscuits.


Step 3

In a medium heavy-bottomed skillet, heat oil over medium-low heat until the oil reaches 350 F degrees. Carefully place 2-3 turnovers in the oil. Cook for 3-4 minutes per side until golden brown. Using a slotted spoon or spatula carefully remove the turnovers from the oil and drain them on paper towels. Serve warm with your favorite dipping sauce.